Katrina Rhodes | Biography
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‘I sometimes think of my craft the same way I see my life to come and my life gone thus far. A Dagwood sandwich not shy of a vast variety of adventurous condiment lashings. To stop the topple of my ‘Life sandwich’ I was endowed with the wooden skewer of creativity. To hold the bend in my ‘Sandwich of Art’ I need to know that the wooden skewer of life is rammed in good and tight.’

Katrina Rhodes




As a painter Rhodes in a kind of seclusion. She will allow herself to be described only as “a student of time and whimsy” who “never studied” art in an institution. Her work is of some self indulgence which she will freely admit, and would rather let the individual viewer of her work find their own prelude and relationship with her paintings.


‘Take a good bite, yet remember, chew it slowly’.



Nationality: Australian.

Born: Katrina Robyn Rhodes in Bilgola Plateau, Northern Beaches, Sydney, 1974.

Education: High school in Pymble, Sydney; Pymble Ladies College; Tertiary education (Graphic design), Randwick Technical College, Sydney.

Career: Freelance graphic designer, Illustrator 1992-2012.
Freelance scenic painter, 2000-2008.
Freelance interior concept designer and Illustrator, 1997-present.
Senior artist and assistant Art director for Artnow Studios Australia, 2007-present.
Fine artist, Painter 2009-present.
Solo show 2011, ‘A Handful of Civilized Friends’
No Vacancy Gallery, QV Building, Melbourne, Australia.
Solo show 2013, ‘Like impressions of Flying South’
No Vacancy Gallery, QV Building, Melbourne, Australia.